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Welcome to the page of Delhi Photography Club
If you are the first timer, the following information will be useful
1-It will be a good idea to introduce yourself to others, which part of the world you from, what do you do, why photography etc. Helps break the ice
2-You can post as many pictures as you can on the page. Post pics to receive feedback, comments, suggestions on improvements etc.
3-Weekly Assignment--we post a weekly assignment every week. This is a theme based assignment where you can click and post a pic. This is to get more and more people use their cameras beyond holidays and vacations
4-The page is to learn, share, inspire and be motivated. Therefore, appreciate others, post your feedback and comments for other images, so that everyone feels encouraged
5-No obscenity, vulgar images or photos that can be visually disturbing.
6-PL DON'T POST LINKS TO YOUR PAGE/IMAGES/PROFILE OR WEBSITE. These are removed. Repeat offenders are banned!

What DPC is not
1-A platform to outdo each other. We aren't in the business of identifying the best amongst the rest. If that is what you are looking for, you are on the wrong page :)

Parties/Events Information

Dpc phototrip delhi to ahmedabad navratri dandiya(garba raas)

06 Oct 2016 to 09 Oct 2016   01AM to 01PM

We are happy to announce that we are arranging the next dpc photo bus trip delhi to ahmedabad, to capture the essence of navratri and dandiya. this tr.. Details


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